Our Wonderful Clients – Some Testimonials

We have had so many clients from all walks of life wax passionately about their consultation over the years.

If you would like to add yours, please contact us. Thank you!

“You cautioned me against making an investment that seemed solid and secure. I took your advice and was really glad I did. The deal ended up being a dud…”

S.B., Ohio, USA

“Your reading was like a lifeline you threw out to me. It got me through one of the darkest periods of my life. The date you predicted that everything would lift came true just as you said it would… ”

R.D., B.C., Canada

“It is hard to believe that we have never met, yet you know me so well. You spoke to the core of my being…thanks for such an insightful reading…This is by far the best astrology consultation I ever had!”

P.U., Germany

“We got more out of our two astrology sessions with you than we did in 5 years of marriage counseling. You clearly showed us where we were both projecting our issues on the other. Now we know that each one of us communicates in different ways according to our needs, which doesn’t make anyone wrong. Now we clearly ‘hear’ each other…Thank you for your deep compassion and wise counsel…”

B and D W., CA, USA

“Thank you for your advice against home improvements and expanding my business last fall. Thankfully, I paid heed to your recommendations. As you predicted, there would be unforeseen expenses (they came in the form of a tax bill). You suggested to wait until spring to move forward with my plans. I am so glad I did.”

R.H., ON, Canada

“When you told me I would be moving this year (after I had just set up a practice in town), I got angry and threw your consultation tape against the wall. Well 8 months later, guess what? I’m moving on to better opportunities…”

Dr. A.M., WA, USA