Astrological Consultation Services & Fees

Your questions regarding your life issues, opportunities and challenges will be answered from a prepared study of your natal and progressed (predictive) charts. A link will be sent to you shortly after your consultation for you to download the mp3 file of our conversation together. For first time clients, a beautiful color copy of your birth chart in PDF format will also be sent and you can print it out or view on your computer.

Consultations fees are charged in Canadian Dollars.

All Consultations Are Personal & Treated With Confidentiality

First Time Consultation & Subsequent Chart Updates: $150
(60 – 75 min)

For individuals and business owners, frequent consultation bulk time fees are available (please inquire). An invoice/receipt is given for business consultations for tax purposes.

To order and pay for an initial chart consultation or chart update for one year, please CLICK HERE.

Additional question using previously prepared chart work in subsequent sessions (within 6 months of original consult): $85 (½ hour)

Multiple questions (maximum 2) needing in-depth chart research prior to consultation: (mostly for business/financial/health inquiries) add $125

Chart Rectification: $75 – $125

A chart rectification is done when the birth time is not certain but most likely within a 2 – 3 hour time span.

Additional Chart Services

In addition to the primary consultation that is based on the natal chart, some clients may need the following ancillary chart work prepared to assist them with their circumstances, opportunities or challenges.

Horary Chart: A horary chart is drawn up for the moment a question is received (which in a way is ‘born’ into existence) and the planetary patterns are analyzed from a specialized perspective. This technique in addition to the birth chart and the predictive trend analysis, gives clients a deeper understanding of any situation. $70

Relocation Astrology (astrocartography): What influences are affecting you in various parts of the world that you may choose to do business in, relocate to or visit? Location(s) under consideration will be analyzed in terms of career, money, health, and relationships or your choice of questions. Per location which includes maps and a 30 minute consultation: $100

Extra Birth Charts can be printed and analyzed for minor inclusion into a consultation (maximum of 2 extra charts per consultation): $60 each

Chart Updates

Astrological chart updates are advised every six months, and at least once per year.

Many clients also book follow-up appointments to ‘zone in’ on specific matters as they arise. In subsequent consultations, there are several other astrological techniques available in addition to the natal chart (see above). These techniques further elucidate concerns, questions and relevant issues.

It is fascinating to follow the trends in your life. Clients often discover that they can actually begin to watch these cyclic predictable patterns and learn to ‘flow’ with the information they receive, thereby allowing the patterns to work ‘for them’ instead of ‘to them.’


Payment of services is in Canadian dollars by PayPal or credit card. If paying for a first time consult or update, please CLICK HERE to *pay or you may request a payment link to be sent to you. For additional services, an invoice link will be sent to you (at an email address you specify) before your consultation and must be paid 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Missed appointments will be subject to payment of the total fee. Please give 48 hours notice for rescheduling.

Clients are responsible for any long distance telephone charges they incur for consultations. I do use Skype for most places in the world and I have free long distance service for locations anywhere in the US or Canada. Please call or email to set up a prearranged appointment time.

*Terra Bella will appear on your billing and payment information (our parent corporate name is Terra Bella by the Shore).

Consultation Material

Please note: Your consultation is recorded in an mp3 file format and audio/charts are sent only by email. You can easily download the file(s) to your computer.

You can listen to the mp3 file on your computer, iPod, iTunes, Windows Media Player or on any other mp3 player. You can also burn the mp3 file to a CD using many free programs on the internet or on iTunes or Windows Media Player.

If you are a first time client and have received your astrology birth chart in PDF format, it can be easily opened by Adobe Acrobat which is free. Most people already have it installed on their computers.


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