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Your Consultation

Astrology has been called one of the best tools for self-analysis available. Dr. Randall Hardy has been using astrology since 1983 to help his patients, clients and students gain a clearer perspective on their lives. This has often resulted in significant positive benefits as a result of some astounding insights into their personal and business circumstances.

Although Dr. Randy has done many hundreds of general birth chart interpretations, he has now shifted his focus to specific matters of importance to his clients that have happened in the recent past, occurring presently or perhaps about to happen. The areas of most concern tend to be around common issues of relationship, career, money, health and self-development although any query is valid.

Astrology Works

Astrology makes possible an understanding of one’s character and life changes through the study of planetary movements. The periods of major change can be discerned when the planets currently in the sky form certain geometrical patterns with respect to the planetary positions at one’s birth. The nature of those patterns (which planets are involved and how they are positioned) appears to correlate in a strikingly consistent way with the experiences one tends to have at that time.

The astrology zodiac wheel.

Through the power of astrology, Dr. Randy will help you understand your recent past, present and future personal cycles and the phenomena (opportunities or challenges) they represent, based on your questions or concerns. The natal birth chart will be brought into the discussion when your personality or character may be contributing to the issues you are inquiring about.

Your Chart Has over 2000 Potential Combinations to Consider

Each of these planets fall into what are called ‘houses.’ Each house represents a department or area of life specific to a particular house. Examples are: for career issues, astrologers look to the 6th and 10th houses; for financial inquiries, the 2nd and 8th houses; for relationships, the 7th house and perhaps the 8th; for health issues, the 1st, and 6th houses. In practice, one may examine several other houses that are related to the inquiry to obtain more information.

The planets also make mathematical angles to each other, the degree of separation being significant and giving more information i.e. are events in your life ‘flowing’ or being challenged?

Astrologers therefore work with planets (and other significant points), planetary angles and houses which creates enormous complexity! That’s why astrology is such a wonderful, diverse and expressive language.

You are an infinite kaleidoscope of possibilities!

Your Attitude Towards Opportunities & Challenges That Come Your Way Influences Outcomes

Planets and sensitive points in the chart have ‘themes’, primordial forces that bear a meaningful correspondence to the patterns of human affairs on Earth. Dr. Randy will show you how or if these forces apply to you and your current issues you wish to discuss during your consultation. Keep in mind that although these energies are symbolic or metaphorical in nature, they can be easily recognized when they show up in your life. The following themes or planetary influences will be used (as well as other sensitive points such as the Moon’s nodes) when your chart is being read:

Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus2019-06-04T17:44:18-03:00

The planets Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus will be brought into the consultation when fine tuning trend dates / timing events (transits and progressions) and for character analysis when required.

Also, houses 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 7 will be added and highlighted when trending themes warrant them to be discussed pertaining to the above planets.

Pluto / 8th House / Scorpio2016-12-30T15:25:30-04:00

Pluto’s essence: Regeneration; Deep Bonding; Personal Power (amplified when committed to others)

The most powerful of all the planets because it demands deep and complete surrender to soul transformation. It compels, empowers, overwhelms, transforms; it destroys and resurrects. Many of our deep complexes that lie below our conscious awareness are uprooted by Pluto so that we may be healed from within. Physical toxins are brought to the surface of the body to be properly dealt with. We are both challenged and perfected by the purging nature of this planet. Like Neptune, Pluto is unfathomable. When Pluto touches our lives we feel driven and impelled by an invisible force that can instigate ego based conflicts. We are driven to exert control over others or they attempt to control us. We are consumed and obsessed by our passions. Properly harnessed, Pluto’s energy can help us move mountains and connect us to an inner power that we may never have experienced before.

Planets in the 8th House and the sign of Scorpio have similar themes.

Do you confront your ‘inner demons’ with courage? Do you allow yourself to flow with your life events or do you obsessively try to over-control? Is there extreme intensity in your life? How do you feel when you hear the word ‘surrender’?

Neptune / 12th House / Pisces2016-12-30T15:27:38-04:00

Neptune’s essence: Intuition; Inspired Creativity; Spirituality

When you are expressing dreamy and lofty ideals or wanting to connect to magical mysteries, you may be under the spell of Neptune. Here, you desire to escape the drudgery of everyday life. You want to take a breather. You may long for the reclusive beaches of the Caribbean while drinking too much wine. When you are hopelessly romantic and idealistic, positively creative and spiritually high you are being touched by this elusive planet. However, if you are pursuing ‘castles in the sky’ without foundations you are also being lured into its illusory nature. What is ultimately required of you is that you find a healthy balance between the call of Neptune and the realities of everyday life. The down side of Neptune is that it is associated with illusion, delusion and non-reality (as we consciously know it).

Planets in the 12th House and the sign of Pisces have similar themes.

Do you have a healthy urge for creativity and spiritual transcendence? To become more compassionate and unconditionally loving? Are there also times when you try to escape life with addictive tendencies and unrealistic expectations?

Uranus / 11th House / Aquarius2016-12-30T15:28:45-04:00

Uranus’ essence: Progressive; Original; Unconventional

Uranus represents the principle of change. But this is not slow change — it wants a revolution! It asks us to let go of anything in our lives that is not fresh and alive. Or, to radically alter our relationship to those people and things that you choose to remain with you as you undergo radical attitudinal shifts. With Uranus comes sudden surprises (positive and otherwise) and tremendous flashes of insight. This planet demands change so that you can be free to be authentically you.

Planets in the 11th House and the sign of Aquarius have similar themes.

Do you feel excited about finding new ways to feel alive again? Is this an overwhelming urge? Where in your life do you need more unbridled creativity or freedom to explore untapped potentials? Uranus can also make you appear aloof and irresponsible if you make changes too quickly as a reaction to being bored or feeling tied down.

Saturn / 10th House / Capricorn2019-06-04T17:54:29-03:00

Saturn’s essence: Persistence; Caution; Discipline

One of the most feared of planets by the ancients was Saturn, often represented as the ‘grim reaper’, an old man who exacted a toll when dues needed payment. In modern terms it represents the reality of necessity and limits, those things that may frustrate you but give you more structure and certainty. When Saturn visits, it says, “What do you need to fix in your life? Relationships or finances? Do you need to find new work that allows you to be more productive? Perhaps your house or car needs repairing?” When Saturn touches your life you may experience times of personal trial but also glean an understanding that some things require your personal attention. You won’t be allowed to just gloss over them — patience and time is needed to get your life in order. Everything happens for a reason and serves our greater purpose, even when our days are frustrating and our nights are gloomy.

Planets in the 10th House and the sign of Capricorn have similar themes. Saturn also co-rules Aquarius.

Do you welcome periods in our life when you need to be alone to sort things out and work more productively? Are there times when you tend to be pessimistic and depressed with or without really good reasons? What is your highest purpose in life? What accomplishments do you want to achieve that would be seen by others?

Jupiter / 9th House / Sagittarius2016-12-30T15:33:56-04:00

Jupiter’s essence: Optimism; Benevolence; Higher Ideals

Jupiter has been described in older texts as that force which expands and grows. In modern terms, this planet represents the part of you that wants to experience abundance and freedom in everything from money, traveling, success to intellectual pursuits. However, the down side can represent unwarranted optimism and extravagance.

Planets in the 9th House and the sign of Sagittarius have similar themes. Jupiter also co-rules Pisces.

Would you consider yourself to be an optimistic person? Are there times in your life where you need to have more faith? On the other hand, are there periods where you over indulge yourself frequently without considering the consequences of your actions?

Mars / 1st House / Aries2016-12-30T15:35:04-04:00

Mars’ essence: Self Directed; Dynamic Energy

Traditionally, this planet was considered to be the ’god of war.‘ Today we may think of it as a part of us that needs to act on our own behalf, to be assertive and competitive or conversely pushy, arrogant and selfish. Like all planetary energies, there are both positive and unhealthy ways to express them.

Planets in the 1st House and the sign of Aries have similar themes. Mars also co-rules Scorpio.

Where do you need to be more assertive or less selfish in your life?

Steps to Arranging Your Personal and Confidential Astrological Consult with Dr. Randy

  1. Email us if you have any questions (info [at]
  2. Gather your birth data including time of birth.
  3. Check out our services page. If you are only ordering a first time or follow-up consult, please visit our payments page. We will email you within 24 hours to set up an appointment as soon as we receive your completed form. If there are other services you require, please email us or visit our contact page and fill out the form. We will send you an email / invoice that you can pay online and shortly thereafter you will receive an email to set schedule an appointment.
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