What You Need to Get

In order to experience astrology at its finest, it is extremely important to have a precise birth time.

You can obtain this information from hospital records, a birth certificate or a family document (i.e. bible or baby book). Your mother’s memory cannot be relied upon for this information – she was pretty busy when you were born and probably wasn’t paying much attention to the clock!


Getting correct birth time is essential.

If you don’t have written confirmation of your time and you were born in a hospital, call and inquire about their protocol to obtain your birth data, which has often been stored on microfiche for older data.

Please note that consultations cannot be done without an accurate birth time, so investigate all reliable sources. In some charts, a few minutes ‘out’ can make a noticeable difference and the reliability of chart information is therefore greatly diminished.

In addition to the birth time, you will be asked for your place and date of birth.

Chart Rectification (if you are not sure of your birth time):

It is possible to ‘rectify’ a birth chart if the estimated birth time is most likely within a few hours of the actual time. A rectification is performed by Dr. Randy asking you questions correlating the timing of life events with your natal chart. There is an additional fee for this service (please click on SERVICES for fees) and no guarantee can be made for complete accuracy by this method.