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How I Work

  • I require accurate birth data, especially your birth time. Please do your best to obtain it. You and I need to discuss your important issues from facts, not guesswork.

  • I work with specific issues, rather than engaging in a general consultation. When you know what you want from an astrology session, you have clarity and our time together is more productive.

  • I am very passionate about the profound and all-encompassing nature of astrology. My wish is that you too catch enthusiasm for the marvelous patterns revealed by astrology in the dance we call life.

Who is Dr. Randy?

Dr. Randall Hardy graduated as a chiropractor in 1978 and later that year received his diploma in drugless therapy from the board of naturopathy.

After many years of serious astrological studies commencing in 1983, over time he became an astrologer/consultant to hundreds of clients for personal and business purposes, in addition to his clinical, writing and speaking careers. He has taught astrology courses from beginner to advanced levels through an extended university program in British Columbia. His astrological work focuses on private and corporate clients.

Dr. Hardy has used astrology in clinical settings, workshops and seminars and as the program director of well-known health resorts in the U.S. He and his wife Marian are currently program directors of their own destination wellness program in the Maritimes, in eastern Canada just minutes to the sea (Naturally Well by the Shore).

In addition to teaching college courses in natural healing, he has sponsored or conducted over 100 seminars in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, lecturing on natural health care including natural healing, safe weight management and astrology.

In the past, Dr. Randy was concerned about making sure his work in the wellness sector was taken seriously, so he remained a ‘closet astrologer’ for most of his career – only doing chart consults for those who were mostly referred to him. Now he is officially ‘out’!

As well as doing astrological consultations, he is also a natural health and weight management coach. He is the author of ‘Naturally Well — Unbeatable Health the Simple, Sensible Way’ (SuperNaturally Well Publishing, 2011) and ‘Weight Mastery’ (SuperNaturally Well Publishing 2011). He also co-authored ‘The 80*10*10 Vitality Program—The Art of Moderation in Excess’ (THC Publishing 1995) with his wife Marian Tobin-Hardy. He is also a contributor to the book ‘Open My Eyes Open My Soul’ (McGraw-Hill 2004) by Yolanda King, the daughter of Martin Luther King.

Randy is a member of the National Speaker’s Association (USA).

To visit his coaching site for health and speaking information, please visit: Naturally Well by the Shore.

Now, as a lifestyle coach, speaker, destination wellness program director, author and astrological consultant, his years of experience in the natural health field (in addition to his diplomas in medical hypnosis and NLP), make Dr. Randy qualified to help you with your important decisions and self-insight.

Learn to express yourself authentically, honestly and with good intent. Then face the consequences.


Astrological Insights are Life Changing

One of the most astounding and enlightening things about astrology is that it impels you to think about your purpose, the meaning of life and destiny. This is a profound idea: if your chart accurately predicts certain trends will happen to you in specific time frames, wouldn’t that change how you feel about life? It certainly did that for me. The concepts of purpose and destiny changed my entire perspective. Many of my beliefs were radically altered for the better, thanks to a medical doctor who introduced me to the art and science of astrology.

Perhaps your experiences with astrology will give you a different frame of reference too. For example, if many character traits and life events are predetermined, it follows that we must accept ourselves (and others) completely because in some way or another, you and I are meant to be who we are up to this present moment. Everything that has happened, happened for a reason. The personal challenges we have all endured (and hopefully overcame) were meant for us to grow personally and spiritually.

Unconditional acceptance of life, gratitude for it and the conscious willingness to make ourselves and our world better may be a part of what is asked of us. This is where free will comes in – we can choose to consciously participate, or not.

Your Birth Chart is Your Life Story in ‘Secret Code.’

Let Dr. Randy Analyze & Interpret It for You!

What life issues are you currently facing? Financial, career, relationships, illness, a potential move or something else?

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